On-Set Visual Effects &
Digital Imaging Technician

I’m a visual effects artist with over 8 years of industry experience for advertising and feature films. 

Latest Work:

Fireball Directed by Werner Herzog
Junior Colourist & Lead Compositing Artist
Dolby Vision HDR

Future World Directed by James Franco, Ambi Group
Compositing Artist for Film SRL

Captain America 2: The First Avenger Directed by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo - Marvel Studios
Compositing Artist for Trixter

Pretenders Directed by James Franco, Rabbit Bandini US
Compositing Artist for Film SRL

How to sell a war Directed by Rudolph Herzog, F&ME Production
On-Set Visual Effects / DIT

Master Butcher Singing Club Directed by Uli Edel, Constantin Film, Moovie, ZDF German Television
On-Set Visual Effects / DIT

Jumpman Directed by Ivan Tverdovsky, F&ME Production
Lead Compositing Artist

DIT/VFX Workstation:

Mac Pro (2019) 3,2 GHz 16-Core Xeon with Radeon Pro Vega II Duo 32 GB
Apple Pro Display XDR & EIZO CG279X ColorEdge 27" Monitor

Mac Pro 3.0GHz 8-core
MacBook Pro 2.9GHz 6 core i9

64 TB Promise Pegasus R8 RAID
32 TB Promise Pegasus R4i RAID
2TB T5 Shuttle SSD (x10)

DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
iPad Pro 12.9" Dailies Viewer


Nuke, HoudiniModo, Avid, Adobe Suite, PFTrack, Matchmover, Mocha Pro, Sihouette, 3DSMax, Davinci Resolve, Fusion, Silverstack LAB, Livegrade

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