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Nikolai Huber was born 1994 in Munich where he graduated with a german and french diploma. After spending several years working as a camera operator and lighting technician at the Munich Kammerspiele Theatre Nikolai joined the visual effects company Trixter as a Digital-Effects-Artist. Since 2014 he is enrolled at the University of Television and Film Munich and has shot multiple fictional as well as documentary films.

For his camera work for „Find Fix Finish“ Nikolai Huber was awarded with a special mention by the Jury for best Cinematography at the 2017 Camerimage International Film Festival, his work for “The Raft” was nominated for best Cinematography at the German Camera Award 2020.

In addition to his work as a cinematographer, Nikolai Huber works in collaboration with Peter Zeitlinger A.S.C. as a Digital Image Artist / On-Set compositing artist for internationally acclaimed productions such as James Franco's "Future World", Ivan Tverdovsky's "Jump Man" and Werner Herzog's “Fireball”. He is currently the Head of Compositing at Film SRL in Venezia where he's heavily involved in the development of emerging technologies and interdepartmental workflows for visual effects and virtual productions.

Visual Effects & DIT
Latest Work:

Fireball Directed by Werner Herzog
Junior Colourist & Lead Compositing Artist
Dolby Vision HDR

Future World Directed by James Franco, Ambi Group
Compositing Artist for Film SRL

Captain America 2: The First Avenger Directed by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo - Marvel Studios
Compositing Artist for Trixter

Pretenders Directed by James Franco, Rabbit Bandini US
Compositing Artist for Film SRL

Master Butcher Singing Club Directed by Uli Edel, Constantin Film, Moovie, ZDF German Television
On-Set Visual Effects / DIT

Jumpman Directed by Ivan Tverdovsky, F&ME Production
Lead Compositing Artist

Latest Work:

Find Fix Finish Directed by Sylvain Cruiziat, BR German Television
Camerimage Short Film Competition, Vision du Réel 2017

Tommaso Directed by Abel Ferrara, B-Camera
Festival de Cannes 19 - Séance Speciale

Octopus and Moray Directed by Sebastian Husak, Mid-length Feature, Max-Ophüls-Preis 2019

The Raft Directed by Sylvain Cruiziat, Maverick Film, Arte & BR
Toronto International Festival 19, Nominated for best Shortfilm - German Camera Award 2019

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